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All objects used on these pages  purported  at source to be either public domain or credit ware. So also the midi file "garbarry.mid", or Garrett Barry's Jig and is referred to as being from Clarke p.21. It is part of the file kb), however, I am unable to locate the URL I downloaded it from and, therefore, to provide a link. I obtained the original thread to the zipfile through "Iris na bPiobairi"or I think it is called the "Irish Pipers' Club".

It is my express desire not to violate any copyright or to neglect credit so if anyone notices irregularities in this respect please notify me immediately.

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The background GIF on this page and the celtic dragon are courtesy of Karen Nicholas and Nanette Vaughan whose own works and many other celtic art links can be viewed at Karen's Celtic Web Art site.

The animated GIFs were collected by Michael G. Shaibun and available on his pages.

The map of Ireland is from the Perry Casteneda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas, Austin. This would, incidently, appear to be the only decent map of Ireland on the web. I did discover a map of Ireland in Romania but my ISDN connection which usually runs at close to 64 kbs achieved only 50 bps so I gave up trying to download it after 15 minutes. Maybe some good samaritan should mirror the Romanian site if that particular collection promises to give us an alternative. I actually had to constuct my own detailed map of County Donegal and it is still far from perfect.

The other MIDI files which you may or may not hear in the background are from  Lesley's Turlough Carolan page and Basil Hendricks who posted  "goldeagl.mid on  &   "marino2.mid on  BBS TOPPSI

The Peace for Northern Ireland logos are by Shane Aherne.

All other objects are my own creation and please feel free to avail of them with or without credit.

Logo for Peace in Northern Ireland
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